Hosting the January 2018 MacDevGroup Meetup

Hosting the January 2018 MacDevGroup Meetup
Mac Developers Group

About Objects was pleased to host the Mac Developers Group at our HQ in Reston, VA. Our VP of Training, Jonathan Lehr, was on point to lead discussion on the most useful features and enhancements introduced in Swift 4.

Jonathan started the evening by taking a look at the overhauled String type, improvements to collection types (particularly Dictionary) and the introduction of one-sided ranges. He also spent some time looking at key-value coding enhancements, and did a deep dive on arguably the best new feature of them all: the introduction of the Encodable and Decodable protocols and related types that make it easy to, for example, encode and decode JSON.

Everyone enjoyed the active discussion and walked away with some useful information to consider for on-going development projects.

Check out the slides from the meetup here: