Google Home, Google I/O, and More

Google Home, Google I/O, and More

Developers from About Objects attended the 2017 Google I/O event in Mountain View, CA last week. Leading up to the I/O event, they were invited to a special partner Google Home Developer Summit session where they spent two days working with the Google Home development team. Our developers were one of the first to get a hands-on preview of the upcoming Google Home Cast API release that was announced during I/O. The preview allowed our team to test the new APIs with our applications as well as provide early feedback to the Google Home team on what worked well (and what didn’t) before its released to the public. About Objects is proud to be partnering with the Google Home team for the last three years working on helping our clients be the first to integrate new updates & enhancements within the Home/Chromecast devices.

"OK, Google..."

In the run up to Google I/O, About Objects engineers got a sneak peek at how Google is integrating their ground breaking Google Assistant AI API’s into the Google Home/Chromecast ecosystem. Google Home is now a hands-free Chromecast device, and with Google Assistant users will enjoy a unique lean-back, voice-activated living room experience when surfing their favorite digital content.

Google I/O

At Google I/O, our developers spent three full days learning about all the Google updates around Android, Home, Actions, AI, AMP, and PWAs. At the conference, they were able to meet with the platform developers to ask questions, meet one-on-one, and further understand the vision from the Google team. With major announcements like first-party Kotlin support, security improvements in Android O, and new feature support in AMP for e-commerce and digital media, our developers were right there to gain invaluable knowledge and understanding of the upcoming updates and how they will benefit our clients.

Machine Learning at the Core

The common thread at I/O this year is how AI and machine learning are being infused throughout Google’s product lineup to help search, organize, and categorize the world around us. Powered by the insanely fast TensorFlow Google Cloud TPUs, we are beginning to see the realization of what these technologies can do how they will make a difference in our every-day lives.